Typed vs Handwritten Notes: Which One Should You Choose?!

Taking notes is something every student does in their educational career. And one of the most common notetaking debates is whether you should handwrite or type your notes. 

Now I am not here to tell you to do one or the other. I am here to show you the benefits of both because, contrary to popular belief, there are BENEFITS to both methods. 

Now along with benefits, there are also risks. So, I want to shed light on both of these methods and the different variations you can use in this new advanced notetaking world. 

So, let’s get started! 

The Benefit of Handwriting Your Notes 📝

The first benefit of handwriting your notes is that it forces you to paraphrase. No matter how fast you write, it is almost impossible to handwrite down everything your teacher/professor says during class.

And for those who can, hand cramps are probably a common occurrence. 

So, when you handwrite your notes, you have to stop, listen, and summarize what is being taught. 

This is a great benefit because when you are learning in the classroom, you want to make sure you spend most of your time listening instead of writing. 

When you try to write everything, you realize when you get home, you do not remember nor understand anything you learned today because you were just a copying robot instead of an engaged-student. 

So, handwriting your notes can genuinely ensure that you are paying attention during your lessons. 

The Benefit of Typing Your Notes 💻

Typing your notes is honestly a revolutionary invention!

When your teacher talks at 1000 words a minute, you can get your notes down much faster and efficiently. 

Not only can you get your notes down faster without missing a beat, you can even add photos or diagrams that go along with your notes without having to draw them!

No more attempting to draw diagrams and pictures like Leonardo Da Vinci in the middle of class!

Getting down all of your information in a timely matter and even adding the additional visual aid here and there is definitely a benefit to consider. 

The Disadvantages of Both Methods 👎

Now, the main issue with each method is simply the benefit of the other method.

For Handwritten notes, you risk missing crucial information because you simply cannot write as fast as your teacher may lecture. Also, drawing visuals aids will definitely have to wait until after class.

For Typing notes, you risk spending too much time copying down every single word and not paying attention to your lecture. Then when you get home, you have a jumble of notes you will need to retype, and you don’t truly understand what you learned. 

So, now the important question. Which one do you chose?!

Notetaking Solutions 👍

Now, everyone will have the best solution for them, which is why I have a few to choose from!

A Combination of Both 😱

When you write notes, you will need to review them later (or else notes are pointless). So, why not do both! 

If you find yourself frequently writing down useless information, handwrite your notes in class so you can focus on understanding. Then when you get home that day, retype your notes so that you can review them, make them more legible, and add those graphs and diagrams that will help your understanding. 

If you have issues with a teacher who speaks way too quickly, type our notes in class! Then when you get home, handwrite them! Then, you can take your time refining them, and now that you are not in class, you can take the time to draw any additional visual aids to help your understanding. 

Or, Just Pick One! 🤔

 Either way, you can make both methods work for you on their own. 

If you type your notes, just make sure to focus on summarizing and writing down important information. 

If you handwrite your notes, just leave a space to draw visual aids later, and do not be afraid to raise your hand and tell that professor to slow down or go back to the last slide! (Sometimes professors will even send you the slides if you ask nicely! 😉)

So, no matter which one you choose or use a combination of both, just make sure you focus on paying attention in class and only write down what is most important! 

That’s all for this post! Until then, Work Hard and Study Smart! 📚✒️📝✏️

Most Sincerely, 

Asia Small | CEO of The Purpose of Prep LLC

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