Growing up in a single-parent home with four other siblings, I did not have much help in my educational pursuits. From finding the right colleges, figuring out the application portion, and even filling my own FAFSA, I did this process alone. Despite not having any assistance, I got into Dartmouth College, which is an Ivy League University! But it was not a happy ending. I passed up Dartmouth because I did not have the resources to pay for it and no one I knew could give me the guidance to find them.

This moment was one of the most confusing and devastating experiences I’d had. I would go to the Dartmouth website trying to find something there that would give me something I could use to figure out how to pay. And in my darkest hours, I would go to Youtube and sit there and cry as I watched videos of kids joyfully celebrating their acceptance into various Ivy League schools. 

And I’d think, “I busted my butt, and I got in! I gave up my social time, Heck, I even gave up my sleep! So, why can’t I go, and all these other kids get to go, because their parents happen to have money? This is so unfair!” 

What I didn’t know and what still stings, is I probably could have gone if I’d just had more information. 

There was so much that I did not know about.

So many scholarships, grants, and programs that would have allowed me to go to Dartmouth if only I had known enough to ask.

And I may have even gotten into more Ivy Leagues if I had known more about the major components of the college application and what is truly most important to admission reviewers.

Things turned out okay for me, I got my bachelors of Economics at Stetson University and I am currently completing my MBA there. 

Still, it was this devastating moment that led me to create The Purpose of Prep—to help busy parents and committed college-bound students to reach their educational goals. I want to provide students the advice and opportunities they need to not only excel in their classes and get into the college of their dreams, but to also navigate the financial aspect so that no student has to feel the way I did. 

No matter what your goal is whether you are aiming for the Ivy leagues or community college is your route, we have the expertise to guide you along your journey!

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